My Other Projects

On this page I’ll document some other open source work I’ve done over the years, several are available to you now.

First, as a friend recently reminded me, I was the first binary packager for KVirc. IRC was a very popular communications medium in the early days of the internet. It allowed people to gather together in chat rooms made to discuss different topics or for various groups of people. It still exists, but it is nowhere near as popular as it once was. KVirc was a KDE client for IRC. The first release of it was source code only in a tar.gz and I contacted the author and gave him an RPM of his package binaries. Unfortunately, I had accidently included the source code in it. However, someone else stepped up as soon as they realized what had happened and provided binaries. After that, KVirc always had binaries at release. It was my first real attempt at helping out in open source and, even though I sort of screwed it up, I’m still proud of it.

In September 2019, I developed a bash script to enable auto-rotation for the Lenovo Yoga 730 and similar convertible devices running X11 on linux with a Plasma or other desktop that doesn’t already auto-rotate.

In October 2019, I created window decorations for Solus Dark that also work with the Breeze Dark theme (both KDE Plasma desktop themes). It is available in the KDE store here, but you can also get it from within Plasma by selecting “Get New Themes” under Desktop configuration.

In November 2019, I was able to speak with a developer of CQRLog (ham radio logging program), share my working code and methods with him for converting an FCC database into a usable format, and he was able to write code in Haskell based off it so a future version of CQRLog will be able to use the FCC database to tell what state someone is in.

In December 2019, I found a bug in the Intel ethernet driver in the linux kernel shipping on Solus linux. I was able to provide Josh Strobl enough information to get it fixed.

In January 2020, I developed a python 3 script that will look in a folder that has TV shows saved in subfolders, go into each subfolder, cut the commercials from the TV shows leaving the original and adding a finished one with [CUT] appended to the file name, but will not redo the work it’s already done when run again.

In February 2020, I noticed an open workorder on the KDE Plasma kdeconnect workboard. I submitted T12394 Improve SMS URI display in kdeconnect-handler and it was merged into the project by Nicolas Fella, one of the project leads. I then noticed another work order, read the code, realized the proper additions were made into it already and got the work order closed.

In July 2020, while taking a course in Android development, I volunteered to write an app for FrontPageLinux. I did, released it and it’s available on the Google Play Store.

Unfortunately, those are all the projects I can remember right now, but I will try to remember to document future projects here so they’re available to whoever visits my website.