Open Source

I am an open source developer, of sorts. I don’t dedicate myself to any one project, rather I create solutions when I stumble upon problems. In other words, I’m not achieving anything great in open source. You won’t see my name listed on websites. I create solutions to enhance my experience and that, in turn, helps others as well. That is the beauty of open source: you set out to scratch your own itch and end up scratching others’ itches as well. For every person who’s often thought of as an “open source developer” there are a thousand guys like us out there helping to improve things little by little in the ways that we can.

I will include links to things I’ve done here both to show you how easy it is to help the community and also in case something I’ve done helps you. In addition, it shows you the attitude of the big developers and how willing they are to work with the no-name little guy…who may not even be programming in the language they are or know the intracacies of their project, but he knows enough to communicate the problem and offer ideas on fixing it.