Ham Radio

In 2017, I received my Amateur Extra ham radio license. That is the top level in amateur radio and requires one to pass all lower tests offered by the FCC as well as the final one which deals heavily with specialized operating practices, advanced electronics theory, and radio equipment design. I have my own amateur radio station set up at my house using an antenna I designed and built myself. With it, I have contacted every state in the United States multiple times, as well as over over 116 countries around the world. I contacted Baker and Howland Islands (Amelia Earhart’s destination) on the 81st anniversary of her disappearance. I’ve contacted Turkey, Russia, Israel (on Yom Kippur), Guantanamo Bay, Svalbard in the Arctic, Uzbekistan, Sri Lanka, the International Space Station in orbit, and many other exciting places.

In this section, I will document various things concerning ham radio, including jumbospots. I spent over a year soldering, assembling and configuring over 150 of them for hams across the United States and plan to eventually offer a step by step guide here. I also designed and created a 3d printed guide to hold the LCD screen onto a jumbospot while you solder it and that will be available in the jumbospot section as well.