My Computers

I will start this out by speaking about the setup I have for the computer running this website. First, it is a Beelink Gemini X45. It’s a tiny computer that can fit in your hand. It’s smaller than a mac mini, but thicker. It has an Intel Celeron J4105 processor, 6GB RAM, a 128GB ssd and a 1TB mechanical hard drive I pulled from a broken laptop. The reason it has the performance it does is because it’s running Arch Linux. The webserver is actually a docker container. It’s running rootless with user namespace remapping and the docker daemon is rootless as well. What this means is that if someone hacks this website to gain root access, they have root only inside the container. They have no access outside the container. In addition, if they were to somehow get user access outside the container, it is a completely locked out user who only has enough privileges to host and run the container.

The next computer I have is an Odroid XU4. It’s similar to a Raspberry Pi, but with more power. It’s running Ubuntu linux and has an Xbox One TV tuner plugged into it to record my over the air TV shows using TVHeadend. Once they’re recorded, the Beelink cuts out the commercials.

I also have a Raspberry Pi 3b+ running Raspbian linux. It’s running an octopi server and I am able to control my Ender 3 3d printer using it.

My laptop is a convertible and runs Ubuntu Cinnamon as well as Windows 10. It’s a Lenovo Yoga 730. It has an i5-8265U processor, 12GB ram, and I replaced the nvme card it had with a 1TB nvme.

My desktop is a gaming computer I built myself that runs Windows 10 and Arch Linux. It has an Ryzen 5 3600, 32GB ram, a GTX1060 6GB video card, a 1TB Samsung 860 EVO SSD, a 1TB pcie nvme card, and a 1TB Western Digital Caviar Blue mechanical hard drive.

My whole setup cost less than $2,000 new and does everything I want.